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December 3, 2011
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Vore High School: 6 - Crushed

It wasn't too long ago that Lawrence was kidnapped by a girl named Brooke and taken to her room. The only way for him to escape was to jump out the window and land in a large dumpster. Now just over a week had passed and it was Friday and thanks to the passing of time, Lawrence no longer smelled of garbage. He was on his way back to his dorm from the vending machines when he saw a boy at the water fountain. Or rather, sitting down fixing parts in front of the water fountain. He was wearing a pair of gray cargo pants and a white t-shirt with the word 'Crash' written on it. "Hey." Lawrence called out. "You need help?"  "Yeah but fixing a water fountain isn't exactly something they teach us." He laughed as Lawrence kneeled down and inspected a part. "What happened here?" He asked. "I kinda got in a fight and ended up breaking this." He revealed. "I felt like I gotta fix it." "Fair enough." Lawrence said as he extended his hand. "I'm Lawrence." "You're Lawrence." The guy said as he shook his hand. "I believe you're supposed to introduce yourself." Lawrence chuckled. "Yeah, sorry, I'm John. John Pinkerton" He said. "I've just heard a lot about you." It wasn't entirely surprising. He was the latest person to join the school and on top of that, he nearly got eaten by Ruby and her girlfriend and Gerard saved him, on his first day. "So you like Brooke, huh?" He asked, surprising Lawrence. "What?" "Brooke Anderson. One of your classmates. Everyone knows." He said. "Everyone knows what?" Lawrence asked. "That you like her." He stated. "I don't like her!" Lawrence exclaimed. "Really, everyone's been saying you do." John explained as he took out a wrench and began fixing up a bolt. "It's really only news cause of what happened with you, Ruby and Gerard a few weeks ago."

For a while, the conversation changed from a specific crush to the actual details of the concept. "Growing up as a teenager today is totally different than it was a decade ago." John said. "Wouldn't you agree?" "Definitely." Lawrence told him. "I don't doubt it." "The outside world experienced a lot of changes that we used to only ever see once a generation." John said. "We experienced it within under a decade." "It ain't just the world itself," Lawrence stated. "It's the state in which we humans look at it too. How we look at ourselves and others in terms" "You mean sex?" "Yeah." John laughed a moment at this but then put down his wrench. "Well I think some romance mechanics stayed the same." He said. "If you liked a girl, would you let your friends know?" "No, I'd keep my mouth shut out of fear of being found out." Lawrence revealed. "And if anyone suspected, I'd deny it until I could convince them they were wrong." "And I'm exactly the same way." John stated. "But I'm a bit afraid of rejection, I'll admit." "For me, it's not so much about rejection as it'd be about the embarassment of everyone finding out I'm a normal guy." Lawrence said, confusing John. "Are you saying you want them to think you're ABnormal?" He asked. "No, but I like being different." Lawrence explained. "I think you can make an exception when it comes to talking about the fairer sex." John questioned just as the water fountain began to fall off its hinges. "I guess...sometimes..." Lawrence grunted as he helped hold up the fountain, getting somewhat drenched while John quickly fixed the hinges. "...I'm weird!" Finally, John managed to tighten and reinforce the bolts and hinges on the water fountain and make it stand up straight after a while. He then got up and dusted himself off, figuring his work was finished.

"It wasn't that long ago that I Was young and thought for the first time that I was 'in love' with that girl from the sand box." John chuckled. "And now, in a cruel twist, you're in a place where you could be closer than ever to a girl." Lawrence stated. "You're right, it is kinda cruel but relationships can still go on." John said. "Internet chat rooms, instant messaging, social networking sites, and cell phone messaging all work together and could assist a guy in need." "Or they could expose him and leave him open to ridicule." Lawrence pointed out. "I guess you're right about that." John laughed. "Are you some kind of 'relationship guide'?" Lawrence asked, noting that John talked much more openly about such things than normal guys, even though he had just met Lawrence. "Nah, I just a normal guy." He answered. "Who happens to carry a great deal of magazines." "Oh've got some...magazines." Lawrence chuckled, making John blush for a moment. "No, not that kind!" He exclaimed. "Information style!" "Yeah, I wouldn't mind taking some pages from those magazines-" "Dude!" "Sorry." There was silence for a few moment as Lawrence releived himself of his remaining laughter while John stood by to explain. "I just like reading and giving advice." John explained. "If I had someone like that doing it for me I'd have appreciated it."

"So you're like the dude from the movie Hitch?" Lawrence said, alluding to a blockbuster film. "In a way, though I've never been dumped like that dude, what with the car kiss in the rain and all." John stated. "Though I have more than my share of experience with rain." "What do you mean?" Lawrence asked, narrowing his eyes. "My roommate is a guy who almost never shows up in the day. Only at night to sleep and when he does, he's soaking wet half the time." John told him. "Like he's been walking in the rain." "Or dancing. Can't you get him moved?" Lawrence asked. "I would but he leaves his stuff everywhere and he's helpful sometimes. If I leave my homework out, he does it for me sometimes." John said. "And I'm afraid of what he'll do to me if I did get him kicked out." "Is he rich?" Lawrence asked. "I don't know about that, but he's a tall guy, has blue hair and everyone is careful around him cause they know something's up with him." John stated, as Lawrence noted the description of the boy.

"Your roommate is Gerard!?" He promptly asked John, who simply nodded. "I've seen him maybe six times in the last month, all at night." John said. "I don't know a thing about him. Aside from the fact that he apparently can't be eaten." "What about classes?" Lawrence asked. "Well, he does go to class, and his grades are really good, but he doesn't appear much after than. ""Yeah, that is weird." Lawrence expressed. "But apparently, you haven't been eaten either, yet." "Yeah, I haven't." He said with a touch of pride. "Well, I think you ought to keep it up." John said as he picked up his bag and turned around. "It'd be good for your reputation." John walked off at that while Lawrence turned the corner and headed back to his room, carefully inspecting each and every corner as he did in order to avoid being eaten. By now, he was somewhat used to this approach, having been in the school nearly two months. Despite having joined a month late, he had already caught up with the classes and was doing well ever since.

Eventually, Lawrence got back to his room and found that nobody was hanging out there. He remembered that Jordan was going to be with Robert and Kris for some reason, though he couldn't remember what reason. He dropped his wet shirt on the floor and dried himself off with a nearby towel, which he tossed onto his bed. As he got onto his bed and picked up the remote, he noticed the door to his other room creek open slightly. "Hello?" He called out to no response as he shrugged it off as a window or another door creaking. However, as he was about to turn on the television, the door to the other room opened fully. However, nobody could be seen. Just as he was going to get up and see what was there, he caught hold of a figure exiting the room and standing in front of the door. It was a girl dressed in a black bra top with decorated red 'flames' on the bottom, a pair of short black shorts with a metal belt around them and pink stockings that reached past her knees, complete with a bright red wig of long shiny hair. Though the normal attire of most girls in the school was revealing, this one was a step and a half beyond even that. An avid anime fan, Lawrence recognized the cosplay to be of Yoko Littner from the anime Gurren Lagann. However, what really surprized him, even more than this, was who was in the costume. "Hello there, Lawrence." The familliar voice of Brooke, Lawrence's former kidnapper, said to him. It had really happened, the girl who kidnapped Lawrence was now in his room dressed as an anime character, a really hot one, for no apparent reason.

"Brooke...what the he-" "Oh Lawrence, I see you've taken a page from Kamina's book." Brooke said as she stared at him. When he looked down on himself, he realized he wasn't wearing a shirt, just as the manly man Kamina from Gurren Lagann famously, or infamously, did not. As he began thinking of what to do, Brooke came closer and closer to him and his thought process became slower and slower until he could no longer think clearly as he continued to focus on Brooke. Though she had just recently kidnapped him and tried to eat him, he began forgetting about all of that as he simply focused on how much she resembled the character she was cosplaying as and how hot she looked. It was the first time he'd ever been so close to a girl in that position and though he'd never admit it out loud, he found himself more and more enticed by it by the second. He stayed absolutely still for a few moments as she finally crawled onto his bed and eventually pushed him down into it as she got on top of his body. Her hair swayed back and forth as she looked down at him. Lawrence made no attempts to move and said nothing at all. "I want you..." Brooke said in an enchanting voice as she leaned in with her head above Lawrence's and began kissing him intently. By now, Lawrence had lost all sense and logic and began kissing back, beginning the make out session that went on for about five minutes. Lawrence noticed that Brooke smelled like a pine tree.

As the two of them were making out, Lawrence seemed to have completely forgotten what she was capable of by this point. At this point, she really seemed to have as much sex appeal for him as the two characters of the show had for one another. The two of them were practially half naked and were wrapped in each others arms and seemed to be enjoying every moment of it, barely ever breaking. However, when Brooke did break, she leaned back in but instead of continuing the make out session, she actually opened her mouth widely and completely engulfed Lawrence's head. At once, she opened her eyes and narrowed them to an expression of satisfaction as she began inhaling Lawrence inside herself little by little. She quickly got past his shoulders and began sucking up the rest of him. Despite the fact that the vore continued to go on, Lawrence made no visible struggle. Eventually Brooke swallowed half of his body and quickly slurped up the rest of it with barely any effort. Immediately, her belly swelled up like a watermelon and expanded over her black shorts. "You don't know how long I've wanted thissss..." Brooke said as she rubbed her greatly expanded stomach. "You feel soooo good in there." *creeek* Brooke looked around and noticed that the bed was beginning to collapse under her new weight so she quickly got off and walked away with her full belly, smiling all the way. "I knew this costume was the way to go."

A few hours later, Jordan and Kris entered the room only to notice that the door was left unlocked. "Anyone in here?" Kris called out. "Lawrence?" Jordan asked, looking around for his roommate. As Kris turned his head, he noticed the black polo shirt lying on the floor. "I think this belonged to Lawrence." Kris said, holding it up as Jordan inspected it. "What makes you think that?" Jordan asked. "It's black." He answered. "Lawrence, dude, you here!" Jordan called out but received no answer. "You don't think...?" Kris began before Jordan interrupted him. "No way, girls can't enter our dorms without our permission." He said. "They're like out safe zones. Them and the boys bathrooms." "There's nothing that prevents girls from entering the boys bathrooms." Kris stated. "Other then the smell, that is." "So then what could it be?" Jordan wondered. "Maybe he's been vaporized?" Kris suggested, which made Jordan look at him like he's just said the most ridiculous thing ever. "And they just happened to vaporize every part of him EXCEPT his shirt?" He asked aloud, making Kris reconsider his statement. "Ok, ok, forget about it." He said as he took a seat. "If he has been eaten, I guess we're gonna have to wait until tomorrow to find him." Jordan said as he turned on the television. A program was airing and showed a large red robot being piloted by a blue haired man who looked quite furious. "Just who the hell DO YOU THINK I AAAAAMMMMM!"  
The sixth chapter of my Vore High School series.

Lawrence meets John Pinkerton, a guy who likes talking about romance for some reason and, oh yeah, he's Gerard's roommate. But back at his room, something really surprising happens to Lawrence thanks to a very sexy cosplay. Jordan and Kris stop by later. What do they find?

John Pinkerton is based on DeviantArt user Michael3216.

As I've mentioned before:
Lawrence is based on myself, Theman2222.
Jordan is based on Mangavore.
Kris is based on Brom290.
Brooke is an OC.

I do not own Gurren Lagann. If I wouldn't matter cause it can never be more awesome than it already is cause it's already epic as hell.

Hope you guys like this chapter. It's a bit more...risque than previous ones. Hope it's alright.

The next chapter may possible be a bit late. I'll try to get to work faster.

Comment and fave if you like it! Enjoy!
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