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November 11, 2011
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Vore High School: 4 - Vore Ed.

At 8:30am, in a dorm room in Building X, Jordan the Freshman Representative was frantically looking through his drawers. "Hey, man, where's my Protoman shirt?" Jordan asked his roommate Lawrence as the latter exited the shower that morning. "Man, I don't know." Lawrence responded. "Maybe you sent it to the laundry room or something?" "Damn man, it's my favourite shirt." Jordan muttered as he fastened the belt around his blue jeans. "Didn't it get digested on Friday when you got eaten?" Lawrence asked as he buttoned up his dark green polo shirt. "No, clothes reform as you do but in a different place. Depends on where you usually leave your clothes." Jordan explained. "I guess I'll just have to wear the 'Pharaohman' shirt." "To each his own, I guess." Lawrence commented. "So you must have a pretty big interest in anime, I guess." "Yeah. MegaMan, Bleach, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z and a few others too." Jordan explained. "How about you?" "Me? Well, Gurren Lagann, Fairy Tail, Code Geass, and a bunch of others, I guess." Lawrence answered as he finished putting on his black jeans. "Good selections." Jordan commented as he put on his Pharaohman shirt and grabbed his backpack. "Let's get to class." "Yeah, sure." Lawrence agreed as he grabbed his bag as well.

As the two of them walked to their first class of the day, Vore Ed., they were careful to look around each corner in a subtle manner in order to see if any girls were lurking around. By the time they exited the building, they saw numerous girls around but the volume of other guys in the area made their appearance more conspicuous and so they did not need to worry. On the way to class, the two of them saw about 5-6 guys get eaten on the way, most of them were devoured before they even knew what was going on. Jordan and Lawrence began to walk faster and faster as the number of guys getting eaten kept getting higher and higher. The two of them immediately ran into the school building once it was in sight as fast as they could and closed the door behind them. "I don't know how many times I can do that." Lawrence panted as he looked down on the ground. "You get used to it eventually." Jordan told him. "I've been doing this for like a month now." "You certainly have." A sleek voice said all of a sudden. Both Jordan and Lawrence slowly looked up from the ground and saw something rather unexpected. Ruby, a junior in the school, was staring at them and had a rather pleasured look on her face. "Rr...Ruby..." Jordan muttered as he looked up at the tall girl looking down at him. "Glad to see you remember me." She smiled down at him insincerely before turning her head. "How about you, Lance?" "It's Lawrence." Lawrence told her, slightly taken aback by her aura but not actually making it obvious. "Right, right, Lawrence," She remembered. "Did you boys have a good weekend?" "I didn't get eaten so I consider it as such." Lawrence answered in a matter-of-fact tone. "It was fine." Jordan said. "Well, that's good to hear. I hope you guys are read for Vore Ed. today." She said. "How did you know we have Vore Ed.?" Lawrence asked, crossing his arms. "Believe me, I know." She said as she turned her back to them and walked away. "I'll see you later and I advise caution. Gerard won't always be around to save your ass."

Once she was gone, Jordan turned to Lawrence. "Dude, you know her? And you know Gerard too?" He asked. "Well, yeah, after you got eaten, I met another guy and...then he got eaten by Ruby." Lawrence explained. "And after that, I nearly got eaten but Gerard showed up and saved my ass." "Man, that's lucky." Jordan expressed. "Gerard hardly ever speaks outside of his own class and for him to save you is pretty lucky." "I guess, but he probably won't do it again." Lawrence supposed. "And he's really something else." "Yeah, he's the only one of us who's never been eaten and probably won't ever get eaten." Jordan said. "Nobody quite knows why though." "Any rumours?" "Other than the idea that he's really an alien, no." "Well, he looks human enough, aside from his height." Lawrence commented. "He's only 6'2", you know." Jordan said. "There's probably someone taller somewhere here." As the two of them talked for a while longer, they eventually reached their classroom and entered. There were about twenty other students inside. Most of them were girls and there were only about 6-7 guys. One of them was Kris, the guy Lawrence had met on his first day, who waved to the two of them as they entered and sat next to him. He wore a gray sweater with a white t-shirt underneat and blue jeans. "What's up, man." Lawrence said as he put out his fist. "Not enough stuff." Kris said as he fist-bumped Lawrence. "Jordan, what's up?" "Nothing, man. How you doin'?" Jordan replied. "Decent enough-" "Quiet please." The teacher in the room called out as she stood up and approached the front of the class. She was a brunette who was very slender with a square-shaped face and long legs exposed in her miniskirt. "Today, we end the theory of vore chapter and we move on to the practicals." "Practicals? Who the heck is she" Lawrence quietly muttered to himself. "Our teacher for Vore Ed., Ms Samuels." Jordan answered. "Don't get her angry though, cause she'll eat you." "Today, you're gonna see a slow vore process and to show you, I've enlisted a volunteer." Ms. Samuels said as she opened the door and someone came in.

Lawrence and Jordan now understood why Ruby knew they had Vore Ed. today. She was the assistant Ms. Samuels mentioned. They knew it immediately when she walked into the class. Dressed in a white sweater and a black skirt reaching her knees, she had an aura of sophistication for the girls in the class because she was, after all, a year older than them and much more experienced with vore. "Hello." She said with a plastic smile as she addressed the class, looking over to Lawrence, Jordan and Kris. "Ruby is at the top of her class and so I've asked her to help in the practical demonstration of vore today." Ms. Samuels explained. "And I'm happy to help." Ruby added. "So who do I eat?" "I'll bring them in." Ms. Samuels told her as she walked over to the large cabinet which looked more like a closet and opened it up. Immedaitely, a bunch of garbage came out and dropped to the floor but what did not was something entirely different. A girl in a hot pink bikini came out of the closet/cabinet and looked around frantically. She had her arms bound behind her back by a think piece of cloth. "Who...what...where!" She muttered as she looked at the students who looked back at her, laughing uncontrollably. "Why am I here!?" "You're at the ROVE Boarding School." Ms. Samuels told her, subtly amused by the girls panicked state. "And you're going to help us with our less on today." The girl looked back at her for a moment before speaking up. "How can I be at a school? I was at the beach before I fell asleep." She asked. "Next thing I know, I'm in a closet for like a day." "Yes, I kidnapped you for today's lesson." Ruby told her. "You looked like a prime choice." "What lesson?" The bikini girl asked. "For the vore lesson, of course." Ruby said as she licked her lips, scaring the bikini girl a bit. "What the hell is vore?" She asked as she frantically tried to untie her hands, to no success. "Don't bother, you'll never get free." Ruby told her. "And when it comes to vore, you'll find out what it is. First hand."

Ms. Samuels quickly approached the bikini girl from behind and, placing her hands on her shoulders, dragged her to the front of the classroom where she faced in the students in all her skimpy glory. Once again, there was laughter from most as the guys stared at her intensely. She attempted to duck down to no avail as Ruby caught on to her neck and lifted her up. She held her in place as the teacher began to explain vore. "As you all know by now, vore is the process of one human eating another one by swallowing them whole." She said. "WHAT!?" The bikini girl shouted in extreme surprise. "So today, Ruby is going to demonstrate vore for all of you," The teacher continued. "Though I'm sure all of you here have already experienced it first hand, one way or another." She said as she allowed Ruby to get in on it. "First, we can lift the person  to their feet..." Ruby explained as she made the bikini girl stand tall. "Before we knock them down." Following which, Ruby pushed the bikini girl to the ground. Everyone laughed as they saw her struggle to get up while Ruby got down on her knees. "Now you can open your mouth and eat." She said as she opened her mouth inch by inch before englufing the bikini girl's feet. "AAAAHHH!" The bikini girl  screamed as she flailed her legs about in panic. "Stop that! STOP EATING ME!" "Ruby will no longer be able to speak as she eats this girl so I will explain." The teacher said as Ruby slowly inched up the girls legs, determined to make the vore as slow and enjoyable as possible. "It's easy to go for the legs first to prevent unwilling prey, such as this girl here, from getting away." "NO, GET OFF!" She shouted as Ruby got up to her thighs and hovered there for a moment to enjoy the girl's pain. "With Ruby over her thighs, this girl no longer has the ability to run or flail about to shake her off. Immediately, the girl got on her hands and began crawling in an attempt to get away. "See, this girl foolishly believes that if she crawls away, she will escape Ruby's belly." Ms. Samuels laughed. "She does not realize that Ruby will also crawl and overtake her." True to the lesson, the girl crawled away on her hands with tears in her eyes as she did. "NOOO!..." She whaled as Ruby crawled after her as well and devoured more and more of her by the moment.

When the bikini girl found a table leg in front of he head, she tightly held on as she cried and shouted. "PLEEASE DON'T DO THISS..." Ignoring her cries for mercy, Ruby made her way to her exposed abdomen and savoured the taste of her well-toned body. "Right now, this girl thinks that if she can hold on to the table she can survive," The teacher explained. "But as we can see here, this girl's movements have been entirely restricted thanks to her legs being devoured. Now halfway through, Ruby simply needs to eat the rest of her by crawling closer and closer towards her rather than bringing this girl closer to herself." The teacher explained as Ruby continued to eat the girl. "NO PLEASE GET OFF MEEEE!..." The bikini girl screamed loudly as the class continued to watch Ruby as she consumed the girl to the bosom. Now, only her head and arms were yet to be eaten. "PLEASEEE NOOOO..." She shouted as Ruby pounced closer to her as she continued crying and fighting pointlessly as Ruby clamped her mouth over her head and muffled her cries. All that was left were her hands which were held on to the table. All Ruby had to do was slurp them like noodles and the bikini girl was finished off. Ruby stood up again, revealing her new form. "I think you can now see that her belly had greatly expanded as a result of the vore." The teacher said as she gestured around Ruby, who looked rather pleased with her accomplishment. "Within 24 hours, the girl will reform in the school infirmary, because she was not a student here." "What happens after that?" A girl asked. "She'll be sent back to the beach where Ruby found her in the same manner she was when she was captured." Ms. Samuels explained as she simultaneously read a text message on her mobile phone. "What if she tells someone about the school?" Another girl asked. "Her memory will be modified to be unable to recall the last several days of her life." She explained. "Now then, does anyone else have a question?" For a few moments, nobody responded and so Ms. Samuels folded the papers on her desk and proceeded out the door. "I'd like a half-a-page hand-written report on this demonstration today by Friday." She said as she hurriedly walked out. Lawrence, Jordan and Kris all noticed

"I hope you guys had a nice learning experience." Ruby snickered. "Don't worry, I won't eat any of you right now, I'm kinda full." With that, the junior Ruby walked out of the class as the rest of the students looked on. "Well...that was weird." Lawrence commented as he got up and picked up his backpack. "It's rare for a teacher to leave a class so suddenly." Jordan mentioned. "But now we've got an assignment on our hands to lets just do it and get it over with." Kris suggested. The three guys walked out of the class together as fast as they could just as a few of the girls in the class ate the remaining boys. Now they were all that was left as a few girls quickly approached them from behind, intending to trap them. Quickly, the three of them rushed outside and proceeded down the stairs. Once they got outside, it was clear that nobody was following them anymore. Furthermore, there were no girls around since they were all presumeably in class. It seemed that they has just followed them as a scare tactic. At this point, Lawrence, Jordan and Kris were all free to do as they wished. Until their next class.

"This is nuts." Lawrence commented in a matter-of-fact tone. "What do you think Ms. Samuels left the class for?" "Maybe she needed to meet someone?" Kris suggested. "Maybe she needed to eat someone, you mean." Jordan said. "Whatever the reason, should we just go back to the dorms?" Lawrence asked. "We don't have any more classes, right?" "I think you're right." Jordan said. "Kris, which dorm do you live in?" Lawrence asked. "Dorm V." He answered. "Alright then, that's where we're going." Lawrence decided as he turned to Jordan and Kris. "Is that alright with you two?" "I'm fine." Kris said. "I just wanna pick up a soda first." Jordan told them as he walked off. "Alright, we'll be waiting for you." Kris said as he and Lawrence left. Jordan took off towards the gym where the vending machines were, a rather odd spot given the purpose of the gym. As he approached the machine, he heard some sounds coming out of a window and pressed his ear up close to hear what was going on. "It's been a slow process but we should be able to accumulate enough energy within two more years." A raspy voice whispered. "Fantastic. Soon it'll all be done, thanks to these hungry girls." Another one said. Jordan was horrified to hear what he heard, realizing that vore was not quite what it seemed to be and slowly backed away, before backing into someone.

He turned around and noticed a very familliar woman. However, it wasn't a student, it was the headmistress, Dr. Crawford. "Well now, we're gonna have to do something about you, right Mr. Freshmen Representative?" She said as Jordan looked on in fear, unsure of what was going to happen next as she walked closer and closer towards him, blocking out the sunlight.
The fourth chapter of my vore high school series. This story is about Ruby, a junior at the school, devouring a girl to explain the concept of vore. As if they didn't already know.

Ruby is based on DeviantArt user RubytheWitch.

I had a lot of fun writing this chapter. So what's with the teacher? We'll be seeing more of her in the future.

Sorry for the cliffhanger ending.

Please comment and fave if you like it.

If you want a character in the story based on you, read my journal and follow the directions exactly. I won't consider suggestions written as comments. Only notes.
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