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Vore High School: 2

Shortly after arriving at his new boarding school, Lawrence was introduced to the concept of 'vore', one person devouring another person whole. While he initially did not believe it was possible, due to reasonable science, his new roommate Jordan showed him a video of it occurring as well as a 'live process'. On one of the lowest levels of the boys dorm building, he viewed a girl eating a boy while he stood afar with his newest friend, or so he thought. The moment he spoke to him, there was no response. As he subtly turned around, he saw a rather attractive blonde girl with blue eyes, C-Cup breasts and an inhumanly large belly. Of course, the word 'inhuman' wasn't entirely too far from the truth as Lawrence realized Jordan was INside this HUMAN. As the girl stared down Lawrence as he had his back to the wall, she began contemplating what to do till he broke her train of thought. "That dude already got eaten yesterday." Lawrence said. "You might wanna give him a break and let him go." "Oh, I know, it was my girlfriend who ate him yesterday." She said, rubbing her belly in taunt. Lawrence's expression changed a bit after she said 'girlfriend', something she took notice of. "Yeah, I have a girlfriend." The blonde said. "And she's a lot more fierce than I am." He didn't quite know how to respond to his so he simply gritted his teeth in nervousness and remained where he was. "What's wrong?" She smiled in a clear manner of false sympathy. "You've never met anyone like me before?" Admittedly, he hadn't and thus didn't know what to say. If she ate Jordan, she might try to eat him as well. As he looked at her for a minute, easily acknowledging her good looks but considering what might've happened  if she had eaten him instead of Jordan, he subtly turned to the right, making her do the same, before he made a break for the stairs on the left and ran up as fast as he possibly could without looking back. "You're lucky I can't run with this huge gut!" He heard the girl shout at him from below.

Lawrence ran up numerous flights of stairs until he lost count of how many he had to climb to get back to his room. The last thing he was expecting when he joined a boarding school was that girls would get away with eating guys. What exactly would it mean if you were supposed to be in class but couldn't get there cause you were eaten by some girl? Why exactly did the school neglect to mention this on their website when he was getting admitted? Lawrence kept telling himself he only wanted to enter a boarding school to get a fresh start after a string of embarrassing incidents at his last high school left him disillusioned. Fortunately, he was allowed to transfer out provided he found another school that would take him in, which he did with relative ease. The fees, by the standard of a boarding school were surprisingly cheap at probably the same cost as entering a convention after having made your own costume.How exactly is it that this school even exists and hasn't been exposed by the media or by students posting clips to YouTube? With this vore going on, at least one clip that someone like Jordan took must've made it to the internet. Even this 24 hour reformation seemed only like a very thin silver lining in a cloud of despair. But this thing that confused Lawrence the most was that while he was a new student and everyone else had to have been here for at least a month longer, nobody seemed upset about the vore, aside from the boy in the video Jordan took.

Finally, Lawrence reached a hallway after running up numerous flights of stairs and getting exhausted. It wasn't the same hallway that contained his and Jordan's room but seemed like one with a few classrooms, resource rooms and a library. It was well lit so had probably been used this afternoon but now that the clock on the wall said it was around 5:30pm, there was probably nobody there. Or so he thought. One door in front of his was a guy walking out. He was seemingly 5'10", the same hight as Lawrence, with a slightly larger, but still meduim, build with brown hair and brown eyes. He wore blue jeans and a red shirt with the word 'doodle' written on it underneath a black sweatshirt with green flames and a blue hat. As he left his classroom, he did not see the pile of milk in front of his feet and slipped, falling on his back and dropping his books all around. "Are you hurt, dude?" Lawrence asked as he rushed over to help the guy. He began picking up a few books and placing them one on top of another before he extended a hand to the boy and pulled him up. "Are you gonna be alright?" He asked. "Yeah, yeah, I'll be fine." He said as he bent down and picked up his books. "Might wanna be more careful next time." Lawrence joked as the boy gave a subtle nod. "I haven't seen you around here, I think." He expressed. "Yeah, I just got here today." He told him. "The name's Lawrence." "Ah, so you're that new transfer student everyone's talking about." The boy said as he put his hand out. "Nice to meet you, the name's Kris." "Nice to meet you, Kris." Lawrence said as he shook his hand. "And that's 'Kris' with a 'K'." Kris told him.

As the two walked down the hall, Lawrence explained that since he was new to the school, he was unfamilliar with the concept of 'vore' and was introduced to it by his roommate Jordan. "Yeah, I know Jordan." Kris said. "He's the Representative for my Freshmen class." "Oh, so you're a freshman too?" Lawrence asked. "I am." Kris chuckled. "I wasn't too sure about this vore thing back when I found out about it but now that I know, I do my best to avid it here and there. Not to say that it isn't sometimes-" "Please don't say that." Lawrence interrupted him. "Sorry. I guess you're not quite there yet." Kris realized. "Anyways, I know where Jordan's room is so I'll take you there." "Thanks." "You're lucky it's Friday." He told him. "You got the whole weekend to relax before classes start." "So what exactly do we do in classes anyways?" "All freshmen have to select class, which I guess you've already done, but there are a few that are compulsory." Kris explained. "Like English, Ecnomics and...Vore Ed." "Vore Ed!?" "It stands for Vore Educa-" "Man, I know what it means, I just wanna know why I gotta study it if I'm a guy and only girls can do it!" He hyperactively exclaimed while Kris just stared at him for a moment until he calmed down. "Sorry." "It's just to understand it better." Kris told him. "And we only have it on Mondays and classes are usually pretty short so we're out by like 2:00pm, if not earlier. Sometimes we only have one class and they don't even care if you skip once in a while" "That's not too bad." Lawrence said. "You'd get most of the day to yourself." "Yeah," Kris agreed. "there's a lot of time for just hanging out."

As the two turned the corner, they walked into another hallway. There were mostly classrooms on in the hallway in addition to a girls washroom and an elevator. Kris stated that at the end, they could climb up the stairs back to Jordan's room where Lawrence would be safe. Jordan would be reformed tomorrow so until then, Lawrence could stay in the room. As the two guys walked down the hallway, Lawrence heard a sound coming from one of the rooms. He wasn't sure which one but Kris heard the sound too. After a moment of not hearing anything, the two of them decided they probably just heard a window creeking and walked again. As the two engaged in conversation again, they noticed something ahead of them. A girl wearing a pinkish-red sweater and a pair of black trouser pants reaching her ankles walked out of a classroom and stood in front of them wearing a devious smile. Mere feet away, she was visibly taller than the two guys, standing at roughly 5'11", and looked at the two like a talent scout who just found the 'next big thing'. She had light, long brown hair and light brown eyes. While Lawrence looked at her as he contemplated an escape plan, Kris looked at her in an observation of subtle fear, which he tried to set aside. She smiled at the two deviously before taking a step forwards. "Hello there, Kris." She said. "Where have you been?"

"Ruby...I uh...well..." Kris stuttered as he slowly backed away while Lawrence stayed where he was. Though it looked a bit odd for any guy to back away in fear of a girl, the standard of this school where girls could eat you seemed to be a valid reason, as Lawrence considered making a break for it, until Ruby turned in his direction. "So how are you doing, new boy?" She asked as she put her hands on Kris' shoulders and tightened her grip while still looking at Lawrence. "This boy leading you astray?" "No, he's not." Lawrence stated in a matter-of-fact tone which Ruby laughed at. "Really, he hasn't been telling you about how awful and painful it is when us girls eat you?" She asked. "I haven't said anything like that!" Kris said as he tired to free himself of Ruby's grip, to no success. "Actually, he talks about it in the opposite way." Lawrence commented, winking to Kris. "Yeah, that's right." He said as soon as he understood what Lawrence was doing. "I never said anything bad about you." Ruby looked at him with a curious look on her face for a moment, like she was pondering what to do. Eventually, she actually tightened her grip on Kris' shoulders and smiled. "Well, if you don't have any problem with vore..." She said. "How about I eat you?" Without hesitating, she lifted up Kris in the blink of an eye and tossed him into the air. Thanks to the high ceiling, he did not hit his head but on his way down, Ruby got into position to 'catch' him. Lawrence tried to get her out of the way so that Kris would hit the ground rather than get eaten but with little effort, Ruby grabbed his arm and tossed him behind her and he crashed into a wall while he saw Kris fall down into Ruby's open mouth, which she immediately closed.

Her belly stretched out a half a dozen feet and stuck out through her pinkish-red sweater and over her pants. Ruby turned around and walked towards Lawrence, who was still against the wall he was thrown against. "I usually prefer girls, but I'm not actually against eating guys...when the circumstances are right." She told him as they made eye contact. "Funny," He commented. "I met a rather similar girl a little while ago." "Oh, I know." She laughed as she rubbed her gigantic belly in his face, scaring him a bit. "I spoke to my girlfriend, Emily, and she mentioned the new boy who managed to run away from her after she ate his friend." "Wait a minute...that was your girlfriend!?" Lawrence asked in surprise. "Sure was, baby." She laughed deviously, causing her belly to shake. "She told me all about you and how we ought to make your first day here more...'welcome'." "This place is nuts." He commented. "Well, I think you'll change your mind...after you get the inside tour!" Ruby said before she walked closer and closer to him as he backed up against the wall and kept moving as fast as he could while she leisurely walked over rubbing her belly with Kris inside. She had him completely cornered and if he got up he'd be thrown against the wall once again, probably harder than before.

As he was finally backed into a corner, Lawrence's view was obstructed by Ruby's belly and all he could see aside from it were the white walls around. She waited for a moment and didn't eat him, though. It was soon obvious why as the same blonde girl in the pink tank top and blue jean shorts who ate Jordan walked over and stood next to Ruby, as her girlfriend. "Hey there, newbie." She said as the two girls put their hands around each others waists and joined like a chain link. "Don't worry." Ruby told him. "You can see your friend again." "And if you're a good little meal and squirm a lot, we might even keep you inside us for the whole day." The blonde told him. "Wouldn't that be fun?" Ruby sarcastically asked and made Emily laugh as they saw Lawrence's face getting increasingly frightened by the minute as he shuttered before the two bellies. The two of them obstructed Lawrence's view even more than Ruby did alone before and he was all but ready to be eaten at this point, his only question was which one of them would do it. Until he heard something-

"Back off of him." A male voice said from afar.
The second chapter of my brand new High School Vore Series.

Picking up from where we last left off, Lawrence is alone after his roommate Jordan is devoured and just when he thinks he might be alright, trouble rears its head...and its belly.

And just who is this other person?

This is the second chapter and it gets a lot better after this, so read and keep reading.

'Kris' is the representation of DeviantArt user Brom290. A friend of my and fellow vore writer, who's quite talented.

'Ruby' is DeviantArt user RubytheWitch. Another friend of mine.

So please read and tell me what you think.

I hope my buddies don't think I'm making fun of them though with this vore thing. Trust me, it'll happen to everyone.

Also, I'm still looking for a couple more characters so head over to my journal if you haven't already put forth a character based on you and are interested in doing so. All the details are there.

Thanks again, fellow deviants.
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Hello. If you have noticed Overlord-Laharl-99 had his account deactivated, i did that. this is his "New" account, as i mainly will be using it to veiw and comment on work, not posting my own. So far, I am greatly enjoying this story, but I would like to know when the caracter my previous incarnation submitted will appear. If I remeber, I'll note you the name. don't want others knowing before the character appears. I rate this chapter a 6 out of 5
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Glad to know you like it.

If you are really interested in being in this story, check out my journal.
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For the love of god people, why do you write in blocks of text?! It gives me headaches and no matter how much I love the story, I cant bring myself to finish it!
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hmmm, while this is a good chapter... something dosent feel right about how it was written. I'd have to take a closer look at it though
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Amazing! I loved it! Man I can't wait for chapter three. This is one of the best vore series I've ever read!
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Brom290 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2011
First thing i must say you will need to correct is that mjy hair is littrally Jet Black Natrually
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