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October 21, 2011
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Vore High School: 1

It was a rainy Friday afternoon as all the students of the boarding school on the outskirts of the city were running around. The classes for the day had just ended and they were getting ready to head back to their dormitories, as is the standard. Girls were leading the boys around the area by dragging their hands and they didn't seem to mind. However, among the freshmen class was talk of a new  student entering the school. Guys were wondering how to approach him which girls were doing the same, in a different manner. It was the beginning of October so the school year had already started and a new student was somewhat rare. Particularly to this school. A boy standing roughly 5'10" tall with black hair walked down the hallway and was noticed by all the girls and most guys. He wore a pure black polo shirt with black jeans and black sneakers and sunglasses, despite the rain outside. "Hmm...fresh meat." One of the guys chuckled before the girl with an irritated look on her face who was standing next to him took his hand and guided him away, much to his displeasure. The guy noticed that most of the girls were rather attractive with long, silky hair and well-toned bodies shown proudly in their revealing attire. Curiously, he noticed a handfull of girls in the classrooms he passed by who had rather bloated bellies and appeared to be talking and laughing with the nearby girls who seemed to be quite amused.

The boy entered the office of the headmaster, or headmistress rather, as he noticed the attractive 30-something blonde sitting in the prime desk. His head was wet and he was drying it off with a towel given to him by the beautiful assistant to the headmistress, Miss Hastings. As he returned the towel, the school headmistress, Dr. Crawford according to her name plate, who was really something of a looker herself, put down the paper in her hand and looked the teenager in the eye. "Well, Lawrence, you apparently do not have any sports or extra curricular activites that you are particularly great at." She said frankly, eyeing him. "But your academics look pleasing." "Thank you." Lawrence told her unemotionally. "I'm sure you'll fit in nicely here." Miss Hastings said with subtle emphasis on the fourth-to-last word. "You can go to the room indicated on your acceptance letter." "Alright then." He said as he picked up his rather large black suitcase and prepared to leave before the door opened and he put it back down as another boy entered the room.

There stood a boy who was roughly 5'7" tall with short green hair wearing a red 'MegaMan NT Warrior' t-shirt ,featuring the character 'Protoman', and light blue jeans. "Ah, there you are. Glad to see you've come back now." Miss Hastings said as she walked over. "Lawrence, this is Jordan, the Class Representative." "Nice to meet you." Jordan said as he put his hand out. "It's my job to handle your transition to this school." "Thank you." Lawrence said as he shook Jordan's hand. "Jordan, remember that since you have the largest room in the X dormitory, Lawrence is going to be your new roommate." Miss Hastings told him, to his enjoyment. "All the provisions the school makes have already been set up." "Cool, I've never had a roommate before." Jordan expressed. "I've never had a roommate before." "Me neither. You'll be my first." Lawrence said, much to everyones notice and resulting in a momentary silence before he spoke up again. "Sorry..." "Anyways," Jordan started. "You should come with me right about now. I'll show you around, give you the heads up." "Sure." Lawrence said as he picked up his suitcase and walked out with it rolling behind as Jordan stayed back for a moment. As Lawrence walked down the hallway, Jordan conversed with Miss Hastings. "The block on him will end at midnight. Make sure he is told the truth about this school before then." Miss Hastings told the Class Representative, who nodded. "Right." He acknowledged as he walked outside to catch up with Lawrence.

Later on, Lawrence and Jordan arrived in their room. Since it was Jordan's first, it was somewhat messy and his stuff was everywhere. "Yeah, sorry about that." Jordan said as he noticed Lawrence looking around. "I haven't really had a chance to clean up today. I was...inconvenienced." "Yeah, I get that," Lawrence laughed. "School really eats up the day." "That's not exactly what I meant." Jordan said as he began helping Lawrence clean up. "Well, anyways, what are the rules on this place?" Lawrence asked as he picked up what appeared to be a burnt baseball. "Well, truthfully, there are no rules." Jordan said as he made the gesture for the baseball to be tossed up him, which Lawrence took notice of and threw to him. "You serious?" He asked. "Well, aside from anything illegal, we can do anything we want." Jordan explained. "There aren't any trivial rules like 'lights out' for dorms and there isn't even a ban on boys entering the girls dorm building." "You're joking." The new guy asked as he wiped the sheets of his bed and rid it of the dust before he layed down on it. "I'm not." Jordan assured him. "We're responsible for our own behaviour but we have to be within the limits you know, we can't steal, kill or whatever." "So basically, we can do, say, wear and be just about anything?" Lawrence asked with an amused tone. "More or less, but there is something you need to know about." Jordan told him. "What's that?" "The girls in this school...aren't like the girls you know back where you're from." He said with some hesitance. "You mean they're not ugly? It can only be an improvement." Lawrence snickered, remembering the odd people who used to live near him. "Well, yeah, there actually aren't many ugly people here but that's not what I meant." Jordan said as he took a seat on his own bed and looked over at Lawrence. "Have you noticed any...odd looking girls since you've been here?" "Well, now that you mention it..." Lawrence recalled. "There were a few here and there with super bloated stomachs." "Yeah...see that's the thing about all the girls in this school..." Jordan explained. "...They can eat you." "I thought you said murder was illegal." "They don't have to kill you." Jordan explained. "They can all swallow you whole. Head to toe."

Lawrence stared at his roommate for a moment with a look of both disbelief and confusion before he burst out into hysterical laughter. "Hhahahah...come on!" He laughed uncontrollably. "You expect me to believe that girls can eat you in this school!?" "I know it sounds messed up, but what other explanation can you think of for those girls with huge bellies you saw?" Jordan asked. "I dunno...teenage pregnancy?" Lawrence answered half-seriously. "Have you ever known a teenage girl- or rather, any girl who got that big even while pregnant?" Jordan asked him, which made him think for a moment. "Okay, sure, they don't usually get that big, but come on!" Lawrence exclaimed. "To eat someone whole, you'd have to open your mouth and throat like 6 feet wide in every direction and you'd have to hold that person in your stomach!" "So?" "Human stomachs can only hold like 120 ounces at most." Lawrence said. "For example, how exactly is a 5 foot tall girl supposed to eat a six foot tall guys who weighs like 160 pounds and keep him in her one-and-a-half foot stomach?" "Their stomachs can expand outwards to keep inside the one they eat." Jordan explained. "And there's no way to get out unless they let you out or 24 hours pass." "24 hours?" Lawrence asked. "So you don't really die if they eat you?" "Right, after 24 hours, you kinda get digested and you arrive back in your dorm room." Jordan explained. "I still have a hard time believing it." Lawrence told him, which made him get up and turn on his digital camera and sit next to Lawrence.

On the camera was a video titled '6' which Jordan opened and gave to Lawrence, who watched intently. The angle of the video was quite unusual and the resolution was of rather poor quality, which Jordan explained by stating that he filmed it himself and that he was hiding to save himself. On the video, a boy could be seen walking down a dark hallway, which Jordan claimed to be a lower level of the exact building they were in. He was quickly confronted by a girl slightly shorter than himself who began shouting at him. After seemingly berating the boy for several minutes, she pushed him to the ground with little effort despite their size difference, which Jordan explained with the general reasoning that girls appear physically stronger in the boundaries of the school for some reason, or that guys appear to be weaker without knowing it. As the boy on the ground put his hands up and began pleading, the girl somehow bent down and enveloped the guys legs with her muth easily. Lawrence was shocked by the sight but somehow was unable to turn it off. As the girl began getting closer, the boy turned around and grabbed a pole and held on tightly. The girl tried to suck him into her mouth with her breath for a moment but found she was unable to. Naturally, she simply walked over with his legs still in her mouth and enveloped more and more of him until all that was left was his head and elbows that remained uneaten, with his hands still holding the pole. By walking a little more, she ate the rest of the boy after pulling his hands off the pole and swallowing them. After that, her belly had expanded to giant proportions similar to the girls Lawrence saw that morning. She caressed her belly lustfully and smiled like she'd won some prize before muttering something inaudible and walking into the elevator. The video promptly cut off after this and Lawrence handed the camera back to Jordan.

"That was nuts." Lawrence commented in a very matter-of-fact tone. "So you believe me now, man?" Jordan asked. "Well, the video didn't look edited or nothing, so I guess I do." Lawrence told him as he laid back down on his bed and spread himself around before turning his head to Jordan. "So how do we avoid getting eaten?" "Well, it'd be smart to avoid making them angry but the best method may just be to avoid them." Jordan suggested to him. "That, and being their friend, would probably mean you never get eaten." "And you've tried that one?" "Well, no, I'm a little intimidated by some of them to be honest." Jordan admitted. "I'd probably be nervous too so I guess that's probably not gonna happen right away." Lawrence supposed. "When was the last time you were eaten?" "Yesterday afternoon." Jordan said with a touch of embarrassment. "I just got reformed here a while ago and saw a note from the headmistress explaining everything." "Reformed? Is that what happens after 24 hours?" Lawrence asked. "Assuming the girl doesn't let you go?" "Yeah, exactly." Jordan said. "In fact, someone is probably getting eaten right now." "Yeah?" "Seriously, I can show you." Jordan said as he got up and ran out of the room, as Lawrence immediately followed.

Several levels below the room Lawrence and Jordan shared was a long hallway with staircases on both ends that connected the opposite sides of the building. On the way down, Jordan explained that girls often get into the guys dormitory and ate whoever was hanging out there just for fun. To access the hallway after coming down the stairs, one needs to go through two swinging doors, one set on both sides with the hallway in between. It was the exact same hallway that Lawrence saw on Jordan's video. On the sides of the hallways were restrooms, the boiler room, a few storage rooms and a few rooms, the contents of which were unknown. Jordan and Lawrence were watching subtly through the windows in the door at a scene going on in the hallway. They were careful not to make any noise out of fear of being discovered and devoured. In the hallway, a boy could be seen speaking with a girl in a manner not dissimilar to the video that Jordan showed Lawrence. However, there did not appear to be any degree of discord between the two, unlike in the video. The girl's back was facing the two boys with the other boys back face the other set of stairs. The scene almost resembled an amiable break-up between a couple, though Jordan said he didn't know who either the guy who girl were. As the two seemingly finished their discussion, the guy turned around and proceeded to leave. As he did, the girl promptly pounced on him and greedily devoured him with almost no effort whatsoever despite his visible struggles. As she got up, the guy was nowhere to be seen. What could easily be seen, however, was the massive belly of the girl who had eaten him. She laid down on the ground with her big belly sticking up in the air, exposed and shining under the light. As much as Lawrence wouldn't have wanted to admit it, he found the scene rather enticing.

"Man, that was really nuts, wasn't it?" Lawrence whispered to his new roommate while still staring at the big bellied girl. After several moments there was no response, which he took notice of. "Dude...dude..." He whispered repeatedly for a moment before turning to the left and seeing that his friend was no longer there. Lawrence subtly turned to the left again and saw something he'd never seen so up close before. A very attractive blonde girl in short jean shorts and a pink tank top was staring intently at him. Though he spent a moment staring at her noticeable C-Cup breasts, her defining feature was her greatly expanded belly which stuck out proudly through her tank top and shined under the flourescent lighting. She stared at Lawrence for a bit, with him getting increasingly nervous by the moment after understanding that she managed to sneak up on him and Jordan and devour the latter without even making a sound. Without hesitation, she playfully pushed Lawrence against the wall and smiled at him while rubbing her huge belly. "Hello there, newbie." She whispered at him while narrowing her deep blue eyes to look almost she was concentrating on him as a tiger does with its prey. "How you doin'?"
I present the first chapter in my brand new series: The High School Vore Series.

Featuring Lawrence (based on yours truly) a guy who unexpectedly winds up in a boarding school on the outskirts of the city where girls are dominant, stronger and have the ability to EAT other people.

This is the first of a long series. Gear up!

Please comment, I'd love to know what you readers think.

The character Jordan is based on DeviantArt user Mangavore, who is an excellent vore writer himself. The rest, so far, are OC's.

Other users who have a character based on themselves will show up in future chapters.
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